CEB Browser Analyzer

Browser Information

Operating System Unknown How to Fix
Browser Type Generic crawler 2.0
How To Fix

Additional issues that may need to be addressed

Persistent Cookies Enabled NO
How To Fix
Session Cookies Enabled NO
How To Fix
Colors Not Determined
How To Fix
Screen Resolution -1 x -1
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Flash Plugin Version Version How To Fix
Java Script NO
How To Fix

JAVA information - Applies only to SkillSoft Training


Windows Focus Check - Applies only to simulation based tests

Windows XP Focus Check Windows XP/Vista users: Use the link below to check your foregroundlocktimeout registry value. A foregroundlocktimeout value in your registry may prevent a candidate from being able to type into a field. The setting may also affect mouse behavior.

Windows XP Focus Check Utility link

Simulation Player Information

Simulation Player

Note: If you do not see the animation of gears turning, click on the Information icon for details or click here to install the simulation player. When prompted, click 'Run'.

PreVisor® Online
After a short pause you should see an animation.
If you have a sound card and speakers, you should also hear an audio recording. Audio is required for some tests.
Do you see the animation?

Flash Player Information

Flash Player: Some tests require the Adobe Flash Player version 8 or higher. If you see the CEB animation on the right then your Flash player is installed. If not, please click here for information on installing the Flash player. Get Adobe Flash player
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